Part of CSIT-2015 Conference program

Workshop “Information Technologies in Education”
(NAS RA, Conference Hall)
Tuesday, September 29, 2015, (0900 - 1100)
Moderators: Mariam Haroutunian, Samvel Shoukourian

 0900  Samvel Shoukourian, Yervant Zorian (Armenia, USA)
“From Prototypes to Solutions in Resource Virtualization for Web Based Learning”

Julien Broisin (France)
”E-learning research at IRIT”

Jean-Pierre Jessel (France)
“Virtual Laboratories Implemented in Serious Games for Virtual Heritage at University and Teaching Sciences”

Varazdat Avetisyan, Mariam Haroutunian (Armenia)
“Development of the Test Quality Evaluation System”

Tea Munjishvili, ZurabMunjishvili, Omar Nakashidze (Georgia)
“Knowledge Assimilating, Assessment, Revealing, and Analysis by Computer System (Cyber 2)”

Ara Arakelyan, Artak Khachatryan (Armenia)
“Educational Process Management System”

Ara Arakelyan, Ani Balasanyan (Armenia)
“Building and Execution of Queries for Educational Process Management System”