Part of CSIT-2017 Conference program

Session 11 “Information Technologies and Applications” (IIAP, Hall A)
Thursday, September 28, 2017, (1500 - 1800)
Moderators: Hrachya Astsatryan (Armenia), Jean-Pierre Jessel (France)

 1500  Svetlana Solodusha, Irina Orlova (Russia)
“Volterra Polynomials in the Intelligent Control System of Wind Power Plant Operation”
 1520  Artur Gevorgyan, Yuriy Kuleshov (Armenia, Australia)
“Assessment of Wind Fforecasts in Yerevan by Weather Research and Forecasting model”
 1540  Vladimir Tregubov, Svetlana Ratkina (Russia)
“Computer Simulation of Blood Flow in Arteries With Deformable Walls”
 1600  Anton Devcic, Josip Rajnović (Croatia)
“Agronet System - Concrete Relief or Additional Challenge for Users?”
 1620  Hamlet Melkonyan, Artur Gevorgyan, Sona Sargsyan, Vladimir Sahakyan,
Zarmandukht Petrosyan, Hasmik Panyan, Rita Abrahamyan,
Hrachya Astsatryan, Yuri Shoukorian (Armenia)

“An analysis of wintertime cold-air pool in Armenia using Climatological
Observations and WRF Model Data”
 1640  Uygun Jamilov, Fatima Adilova, Rifqat Davronov (Kazakhstan)
“Case Study: Estimating the Predictive Power of the QSAR Model”
 1700  Pavel Senchenko, Anatoly Sidorov, Yury Gritsenko (Russia)
“Models of Monitoring as an Information Analysis Tool for Management
of Social, Economic, Engineering and Natural Systems”
 1720  Nivolala Tiavina Tantely, Tahiry Andriamarozakaniaina,
Jean-Pierre Jessel (Madagaskar, France)

“Automatic Generation of Urban Virtual Environments”
 1740  Poster Presentations
Fatima Adilova, Alisher Ikramov (Kazakhstan)
“On New Method of Reducing set of Compounds to Improve QSAR Models using Molecular Signatures”
Narine Manukyan (Armenia)
“Modern Approaches and Methods to Evaluate Effectiveness of Information Systems”
Abo Yesayan, Robert Hakobyan (Armenia)
“Design and Implementation of Query Builder and Asynchronous Submission
System for the NCBI Entrez Databases”
Narek Abroyan, Robert Hakobyan (Armenia)
“Convolutional Neural Networks for Real-Time Data Classification”