Part of CSIT-2017 Conference program

Session 2 “Algorithms, Automata and Logic” (IIAP, Hall B)
Tuesday, September 26, 2017, (0900 - 1100)
Moderators: Alexander Letichevsky (Ukraine), Jean-Pierre Jessel (France)

 0900  Arsen Mokatsian (Armenia)
“On the Existence of the tt-Mitotic Hypersimple Set, Which Is Not btt-Mitotic”
 0920  Elizaveta Kalinina, Gennady Khitrov (Russia)
“A linear algebra approach to some problems of graph theory”
 0940  Vilyam Hovnanyan,Vahagn Poghosyan, Suren Poghosyan (Armenia)
“Gossiping properties of the Edge-Permuted Knodel graphs”
 1000  Hayk Nahapetyan (Armenia), Jean-Pierre Jessel (France),
Suren Poghosyan, Yuri Shoukourian (Armenia)

“A Multi User and Multi Purpose CA Simulator”
 1020  Goharik Petrosyan (Armenia)
“The Algorithm Description of the Shortest Possible Sequence of Transitions
in Petri Nets”