Part of CSIT-2017 Conference program

Session 3 “Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorial Analysis” (IIAP, Hall A)
Tuesday, September 26, 2017, (1120 - 1420)
Moderators: Hasmik Sahakyan (Armenia), Tatiana Kosovskaya (Russia)

 1120  Tatiana Kosovskaya (Russia)
“Extraction of a Common up to the Names of Arguments Sub-formula of Two
Elementary Conjunctions and some AI Problems”
 1140  Rafayel Kamalian (Armenia)
“On the Existence of Bipartite Graphs Which are not Cyclically-Interval Colorable”
 1200  Petros Petrosyan (Armenia)
“On the Palette Index of Bipartite Graphs”
 1220  Garik Petrosyan (Armenia)
“The Weighted Partial Vertex Cover Problem in Bipartite Graphs”
 1240  Narek Hovsepyan, Petros Petrosyan (Armenia)
“On the Achromatic Index of Complete Graphs”
 1300  Karen Karapetyan (Armenia)
“On the Complete Caps in Galois Affine Space AG(n,3)”
 1320  Ashot Minasyan (Armenia)
“Number of Orbits of Group Acting on the Sets of Solutions of Polynomial Equations”
 1340  Aram Gharibyan, Petros Petrosyan (Armenia)
“On Locally-Balanced 2-Partitions of Some Graphs”
 1400  Poster Presentations
Angela Markosyan (Armenia)
“On the Size of Maximum k-edge Colorable Subgraphs in Regular Graphs”