Part of CSIT-2017 Conference program

Session 6 “Information and Coding Theory” (IIAP, Hall B)
Tuesday, September 26, 2017, (1500 - 1720)
Moderators: Gurgen Khachatryan, Mariam Haroutunian (Armenia)

 1500  Gurgen Khachatryan, Hamlet Khachatryan (Armenia)
“Construction method of (2N, 2N 6) Linear Codes over ring Zm,
based on (N, N 4) Linear Codes Correcting Double 1 Types of Errors”
 1520  Karen Mkhitaryan, Josiane Mothe, Mariam Haroutunian (Armenia, France)
“Community Detection: Comparison of State of the Art Algorithms”
 1540  Alexei Uteshev, Aleksei Marov (Russia)
“Reed-Solomon Coding: Variated Redundancy and Matrix Formalism”
 1600  Qi Ke, Liu Dongming (China)
“Image steganalysis via Multi-Column Convolutional Neural Network”
 1620  Ashot Gevorkyan (Armenia)
“On Construction of Probability Currents between Asymptotic Subspaces of Multichannel Scattering”
 1640  Shilpa Goyal , Maninder Singh Nehra (India)
“Steganography Technique to Increase Security of Images: A Review”
 1700  Poster Presentations
Kirill Chernyshov (Russia)
“A Novel Information-Theoretic Approach to System Identification”
Emran Heshmati, Amirhosein Fathinavid, Khosrow Khalifeh (Iran)
“PARS2: An R package for Protein Assignment Regarding Secondary structure”