Part of CSIT-2017 Conference program

Session 7 "Pattern Recognition and Image Processing" (IIAP, Hall A)
Thursday, September 28, 2017, (0900 - 1140)
Moderators: Hakob Sarukhanyan, David Asatryan (Armenia)

 0900  David Asatryan, Grigor Sazhumyan, Lusine Aznauryan (Armenia)
“Novel Approach to Background-Text-Non-Text Separation in Ancient Degraded Document Images”
 0920  Aghasi Poghosyan, Hakob Sarukhanyan (Armenia)
“Long Short-Term Memory with Read-only Unit in Neural Image Caption Generator”
 0940  Konstantin Smirnov,Valery Grishkin (Russia)
“Application of Fourier Transform in Optical Flow Method”
 1000  Vladimir Khryashchev, Anatoly Sedov, Andrey Priorov (Russia)
“Development of Face Image Quality Assessment Algorithms for Biometric Identification Tasks”
 1020  Valery Grishkin, Oleg Iakushkin, Nikolai Stepenko (Russia)
“Biofouling Detection Based on Image Processing Technique”
 1040  Raffi Simonyan, Davit Simonyan (Armenia)
“Detection and Iignorance Method of False Targets during Object Detection”
 1100  Armen Petrosyan, Anna Hovhannisyan (Armenia)
“Infrared Image Processing for Solar Cell Defect Detection”
 1120  Suren Alaverdyan (Armenia)
“Digital solutions of Fredholm first type convolution integral equations”