Part of CSIT-2017 Conference program

Session 8 “Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Models” (IIAP, Hall B)
Thursday, September 28, 2017, (0900 - 1140)
Moderators: Eduard Pogossian (Armenia), Julien Aligon (France)

 0900  Philippe Roussile, Julien Aligon, William Raynaut, Chantal Soule-Dupuy,
Nathalie Valles-Parlangeau (France)

“Towards a Meta-analysis-based User Assistant for Analysis Processes”
 0920  Abdolreza Dabiri (Iran)
“A Multi-layer Perceptron Used for Crude Oil oxidation Prediction”
 0940  Sogol Haghani, Mohammad Reza Keyvanpour (Iran)
“Temporal Link Prediction: Techniques and Challenges”
 1000  Aleksandr Gritsay, Victor Potapov, Igor Chervenchuk, Vladislava Samus (Russia)
“Models of storage and preliminary processing of retrospective data for the energy company”
 1020  Bibigul Koshekova, Oleg Belosludtsev, Yuriy Klikushin (Kazakhstan)
“Improving the Efficiency of Searching for a Short-Term Operational
Earthquake Precursor Based on Vector Identification Measurements”
 1040  Aleksandr Gritsay, Rustam Khamitov, Vladislava Samus, Dmitry Tyunkov,
Denis Dugin, Gleb Sinitsin (Russia)

“About a Method of Creation of the Training Selection in Tasks of Short-term prediction
of a Power Consumption taking into account Criteria of Informativeness and Compactness”