Part of CSIT-2017 Conference program

Workshop on "Scientometrics: Basic Concepts and Approaches"
(IIAP, Conference Room)

Thursday, September 28, 2017, (1500 - 1730)
Moderator: Shushanik Sargsyan (Armenia)

 1500  Shushanik Sargsyan (Armenia)
“Scientometrics in Armenia”
 1520  Shushanik Sargsyan (Armenia)
“Publication output of Armenia in the field of Computer Science,
Mathematics, Mathematics Applied” (2011-2016; Web of Science)
 1540  Edita Gzoyan (Armenia)
“Scientific output of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia: Comparative analysis”
 1600 - 1620  Coffee Break
 1620  Aleksan Shahkhatuni (Armenia)
“Revealing Scam and Bogus Conferences, Junk, Hijacked and
Predatory Journals, Unscrupulous and Fraud Publishers,
Fake Impact Factors Companies”
 1720  Discussion and Conclusion