Part of CSIT-2019 Conference program

Session 1 “Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorial Analysis” (IIAP, Hall A)
Monday, September 23, 2019, (1500 - 1740)
Moderators: Levon Aslanyan (Armenia), Tatiana Kosovskaya (Russia)

 1500  Hasmik Sahakyan, Levon Aslanyan (Armenia), Vladimir Ryazanov (Russia)
“On the Quantitative Description of Subset Partitions of the Multidimensional Binary Cube”
 1520  Tatiana Kosovskaya (Russia)
“Implementation of formula partial sequence for rough solution of AI problems in the framework of the logic-predicate approach”
 1540  Levon Aslanyan, Hayk Danoyan (Armenia)
“Complexity of the Search Algorithm For Some Types of Hash-Coding Schemas”
 1600  Marine Menteshashvili, Vakhtang Kvaratskhelia (Georgia)
“Some non-linear version of a non-local problem and its discrete analogy”
 1620  Samvel Darbinyan (Armenia)
“A New Sufficient Condition for a Digraph to be Hamiltonian-A Proof of Manoussakis Conjecture”
 1640  Iskandar Karapetyan, Karen Karapetyan (Armenia)
“On the Caps in Affine Space AG(n,3)”
 1700  Levon Aslanyan, Hasmik Sahakyan (Armenia), Vladimir Romanov (Ukraine), Georges Da Costa, Rahim Kacimi (France)
“Energy Efficient WSN Target Coverage Heuristics”
 1720  Ani Margaryan (Armenia)
“Unified Software Platform for Discrete Tomography Reconstruction Algorithms”