Part of CSIT-2019 Conference program

Session 3 “Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition”
(IIAP, Hall A)

Tuesday, September 24, 2019, (0930 - 1130)
Moderators: Edward Pogossian, Hakob Sarukhanyan (Armenia)

 0930  Khachatur Khechoyan, Ani Kocharyan (Armenia)
“Recognition of Block-Hierarchical Structure of Random Networks Using Machine Learning Techniques”
 0950  Suren Zolyan (Armenia)
“On Linguistic Manifestation of Social Meanings and their Processing”
 1010  Sedrak Grigoryan, Nairi Hakobyan, Tadevos Baghdasaryan (Armenia)
“Knowledge Based Solvers for RGT Combinatorial Problems”
 1030  Kristina Sargsyan (Armenia)
“Knowledge Representation In The Sign-Based World Of The Actor”
 1050  Jing Ren, Rui Ren, Mark Green (Canada), Xishi Huang (China)
“A Deep Learning Method for Multiple Faults Detection and Classification of Unmanned Ground Vehicles”
 1110  Mehdi Sadeghzadeh, Mona Nasrollahi Nia (Iran)
“Optimization of images clustering using learning Automata”