Part of CSIT-2019 Conference program

Session 6 “Algorithms, Automata and Logic” (IIAP, Hall B)
Tuesday, September 24, 2019, (1240 - 1400)
Moderators: Yuri Movsisyan, Armen Kostanyan (Armenia)

 1240  Arsen Mokatsian (Armenia)
“On the Upper Cone of Degrees Containing Hypersimple T-Mitotic Sets Which are not wtt-Mitotic”
 1300  Reggie Davidrajuh, Chunming Rong (Norway)
“Solving Scheduling Problems with Randomized and Parallelized Brute-Force Approach”
 1320  Yuri Movsisyan, Albert Gevorgyan (Armenia)
“Invertible algebras with ∀∃*(∀)-identities of second order logic”
 1340  Armen Kostanyan, Arevik Harmandayan (Armenia)
“Segmentation of a String to Match a Fuzzy Pattern”