Part of CSIT-2019 Conference program

Workshop on “Digitalisation of Education and Management” (NPUA, 5108)
Tuesday, September 24, 2019, (1630 - 2000)

 1630 - 1800  Presentations Session
Moderators: Gevorg Margarov (Armenia), Elena Mitrofanova (Russia)
 1630  Armen Budaghyan, Ruben Aghgashyan, Artur Zaprosyan (Armenia)
“Erasmus+ Project Change in Classroom: Promoting Innovative Teaching & Learning to Enhance Student Learning Experience in Eastern Partnership Countries” (PRINTeL)”
 1640  Elena Dumova-Jovanoska (North Macedonia), Ruben Aghgashyan, Gevorg Margarov (Armenia)
“Erasmus+ Project “Promoting Academia-industry Alliances for R&D through Collaborative and Open Innovation Platform” (All4R&D)”
 1650  Inga Skendere (Latvia), Irina Obukhova (Russia), Ruben Aghgashyan, Gevorg Margarov (Armenia)
“Erasmus+ Project “Modernization of Doctoral Education in Science and Improvement of Teaching Methodologies” (MODEST)”
 1700  Valeriya Konovalova (Russia)
“Important Digital and Non-digital Competencies in the Near Future: How Employers' Expectations Change in the Digital Economy”
 1720  Svetlana Grishaeva, Tatiana Beregovskaya (Russia)
“Internet Communications in Education”
 1740  Arusyak Harutyunyan, Narine Manukyan (Armenia)
“First Initiative of Higher Education Digitization in Armenia: Issues and Challenges”
 1800 - 1900  Parallel Presentation Session 1 (NPUA, 5106)
Moderator: Elena Mitrofanova (Russia)
Marina Lovcheva, Natalya Laas, Ekaterina Gurova, Irina Romanova (Russia)
“Recruiting IT-specialists: Modern Digital Resources for Selection and Mechanisms of Professional Competences Assessment”
Olga Kolosova, Olga Kulikova (Russia)
“Opportunities of Mass Media in the Sphere of Formation of Political Activity of the Moscow Youth”
Shavarsh Zohrabyan (Armenia)
“Corporate Culture of Information Technology (IT) Companies and its Impact on Organizational Agility and Management”
Ekaterina Mayer (Russia)
“Digital Tools in Personnel Marketing”
Natalya Mitina (Russia)
“The Use of Digital Technologies in the Organization's Talent Management Framework”
Olga Isaeva (Russia)
“Digitalization in Personnel Management: The Possibilities of Fuzzy Logic”
Olga Yusupova, Konstantin Trubitsyn, Yuliya Gorbunova (Russia)
“Development of a Digital Model for the Educational Process: A Review of Problems and Solutions”
Maria Guseva, Alexandr Birukov, Irina Brikoshina (Russia)
“The Use of Logistic Principles in the Systems of Distribution of the Goods in Online Store”
 1800 - 1900  Parallel Presentation Session 2 (NPUA, 5104)
Moderator: Gevorg Margarov (Armenia)
Irina Durakova, Larisa Korobeinikova (Russia), Maksim Studenikin (United Kingdom)
“IT-Training Demotivation Risks Among Older Employees”
Dmitriy Endovitsky, Irina Durakova (Russia)
“Using Communication Services to Remotivate Employees Belonging to the Internet Generation”
Sergey Taltynov (Russia)
“Older Workers Training in Digital Technologies”
Kristina Sargsyan (Armenia)
“Knowledge Management in Adaptive Learning Systems”
Svetlana Grishaeva, Anna Komarova (Russia)
“Online Education: Assessment of Implementation Prospects”
Elena Mitrofanova, Alexandra Mitrofanova, Rafik Ashurbekov (Russia)
“The Development of Corporate Information System of Personnel Training in an Organization”
Sergey Garnik, Olga Belova (Russia)
“The Prospects of Improvement of Training for Law Enforcement Bodies in the Conditions of Innovative Development of Society”
Olga Begicheva, Yana Chernikova, Sargis Smbatyan (Russia)
“The Impact of Social Networks on Education and Social and Psychological Problems of Modern Youth”
Tigran Andreasyan (Armenia)
“Validation of the Parameters Used in the TFinger System to Generate Cryptographic Keys and Passwords with Fingerprint and Safety Assessment of this System”
 1900 - 2000  Panel Discussion
Moderators: Gevorg Margarov (Armenia), Elena Mitrofanova (Russia)