Part of CSIT-2021 Conference program

Session 2 “Artificial Intelligence” (IIAP NAS RA, Conference Hall)
Monday, September 27, 2021, (1400 - 1600)
Moderators: Edward Pogossian, Elisa Shahbazian

 1400  Kristina Sargsyan (Armenia)
“Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence for Trusted Decision-Making”
 1420  Rail Gabbasov, Rustam Paringer, Alexander Kupriyanov (Russia), David Asatryan, Mariam Haroutunian (Armenia)
“A method of coordinated optimization of neural network parameters for a given set of images”
 1440  Zurab Gasitashvili, Merab Pkhovelishvili, Natela Archvadze (Georgia)
“New algorithms for improvement of prediction models using data parallelism”
 1500  Elisa Shahbazian (Canada)
“Decision Support Tools for Situation and Courses of Action Estimation from Open Source Data”
 1520  Sedrak Grigoryan (Armenia)
“Automating Acquisition and Explanation of Strategy Knowledge”
 1540  Edward Pogossian (Armenia)
“Specifying Adequate Models of Cognizers”