Part of CSIT-2021 Conference program

Session 7 “Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorial Analysis” (IIAP NAS RA, Conference Hall)
Wednesday, September 29, 2021, (1000 - 1220)
Moderators: Levon Aslanyan, Tatiana Kosovskaya

 1000  Levon Aslanyan, Hasmik Sahakyan (Armenia)
“Sperner System Descriptions in ARM”
 1020  Tatiana Kosovskaya (Russia)
“Aggregation of Information from Various Agents in Terms of Predicate Formulas”
 1040  Samvel Darbinyan (Armenia), Gregory Gutin (UK)
“On d-panconnected tournaments with large semi-degrees”
 1100  Iskandar Karapetyan, Karen Karapetyan (Armenia)
“Complete Caps in Projective Geometry PG(n,3)”
 1120  Hasmik Sahakyan, Levon Aslanyan (Armenia)
“Reconstruction of hd-Convex and Connected Discrete Sets from Horizontal and Diagonal Projections”
 1140  Zhora Nikoghosyan (Armenia)
“Ore-type Conditions for Hamilton Cycles and Spanning Trees with Few Leaves”
 1200  Vahe Sargsyan (Armenia)
“Asymptotics for the logarithm of the number of k-solution-free collections in Abelian groups”