Part of CSIT-2021 Conference program

Workshop on “Digital Technologies in Education and Management” (NPUA, Digital Technology Centre)
Thursday, September 30, 2021, (1000 - 1800)

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 1000 - 1300  Special Session on Digital Technologies in Erasmus+ Capacity Building Projects (NPUA, 5307)
Moderators: Ruben Aghgashyan
 1000  Official Opening of Digital Technology Centre:
- Tour of the Digital Technology Centre
- Welcome addresses
- Gevorg Margarov - Presentation of Hardware Capabilities
- Vladimir Sahakyan - Presentation of the Infrastructure
 1130  Elena Mishchenko, Nikolay Chernyshov (Russia)
“International Projects in the Integrated Development of Engineering Education at the University”
 1145  Hasmik Markosyan (Armenia)
“Erasmus+ Project “Promoting Academia-industry Alliances for R&D through Collaborative and Open Innovation Platform” (All4R&D)”
 1200  Ani Manukyan (Armenia)
“Erasmus+ Project “Modernization of Doctoral Education in Science and Improvement of Teaching Methodologies” (MODEST)”
 1215  Ella Hovhannisyan (Armenia)
“Erasmus+ Project “Transforming Architectural and Civil Engineering Education towards a Sustainable Model” (TACEESM)”
 1230  Amalya Mkhitaryan (Armenia)
“Erasmus+ Project “Reforming Doctoral Education in Armenia in Line with Needs of Academia, Industry and Current EU practices” (ARMDOCT)”
 1245  Artur Zaprosyan (Armenia)
“Erasmus+ Project “Change in Classroom: Promoting Innovative Teaching & Learning to Enhance Student Learning Experience in Eastern Partnership Countries” (PRINTeL)”
 1500 - 1600  Presentation Session (NPUA, 5307)
Moderator: Gevorg Margarov, Elena Mitrofanova
 1500  Rita Gevorgyan (Armenia)
“Strategic Planning and Implementation Process by the Usage of Hoshin Kanri Matrix: (Case Study at ASPU)”
 1520  Maria Guseva, Ekaterina Khalimon, Irina Brikoshina (Russia)
“Features of the Transformation of Management Principles in the Era of Digitalization: the Experience of Public Administration”
 1540  Konstantin Trubitsyn, Yuliya Gorbunova, Nataliya Masloboynikova (Russia)
“Digital Ecosystem of Major Subjects in the Customs Educational Program”
 1600 - 1700  Parallel Presentation Session 1 (NPUA, 5306)
Moderator: Elena Mitrofanova
Elena Mitrofanova, Alexandra Mitrofanova (Russia), Gevorg Margarov (Armenia)
“Transformation of the Management Competency Model in the Conditions of Global Challenges”
Ekaterina Gurova, Natalya Laas, Irina Romanova (Russia)
“The Trajectory of Personal Development: Modern Challenges to the Education System”
Olga Begicheva, Olga Kolosova, Olga Kulikova, Elena Karpova (Russia)
“Development of Mass Culture in a Digital Society”
Svetlana Grishaeva, Tatiana Beregovskaya, Sargis Smbatyan (Russia)
“Digital Business Transformation and Digital Culture”
Olga Belova (Russia)
“Employment Transformation under the Influence Digitalization and Pandemic in Russia”
Valeriya Konovalova (Russia)
“Relationship Analytics and Organizational Network Analysis in the Remote Hybrid Work Model”
Natalya Prosvirina, Alexey Tikhonov (Russia)
“Gamification: Digital Technologies in Management”
Alexey Akimov, Alexey Tikhonov (Russia)
“The Use of Digital Technologies in the Personnel Management System of Enterprises of the Aerospace Industry”
Polina Alekseeva, Viacheslav Kraev (Russia)
“Data Analysis Approach for Personnel Hidden Conflicts Management”
 1600 - 1700  Parallel Presentation Session 2 (NPUA, 5303)
Moderator: Gevorg Margarov
Gevorg Margarov, Marine Usepyan (Armenia)
“Development of Curricula Based on the Combination of Modular and Competence Approaches”
Kristina Khudaverdyan (Armenia)
“Prediction of the Students Behavior in Real-time Education Management System”
Kristine Hambardzumyan (Armenia)
“Data Preprocessing in Real-time Education Management System”
Olga Gerr (Russia)
“Some Aspects of the Implementation of the Concept of Sustainable Work for Older Workers in the Conditions of Digitalization”
Ivan Grigorov (Russia)
“Methods of Subjective Health Assessment for Older Workers”
Irina Durakova, Ekaterina Mayer (Russia)
“Is It Possible to Assess the Potential of Older Workers in the Context of “Universal Digitalization”?”
Marina Holyavka, Tatiana Rakhmanova (Russia)
“Assessment of the Risks of Human Success in the Long Term Based on Digital Processing Technologies of Biochemical Parameters Characterizing the Functional State of a Person”
Sergey Taltynov, Natalya Mitina (Russia)
“Heterogeneous Organizational Culture of Generations: Digital Support Solutions”
Olga Isaeva (Russia)
“Digitalization of HR Branding: Ways of Development”
Narine Manukyan, Arusyak Harutyunyan, Parandzem Hakobyan (Armenia)
“Analysis of Students Learning Behavior via Moodle Data”
 1700 - 1800  Panel Discussion (NPUA, 5307)
Moderators: Gevorg Margarov, Elena Mitrofanova