Part of CSIT-2023 Conference program

Session 1-1 “Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorial Analysis” (IIAP NAS RA, 207)
Monday, September 25, 2023, (1400 - 1530)
Moderators: Levon Aslanyan, Vakhtang Kvaratskhelia

 1400  Hasmik Sahakyan (Armenia)
“On Nonconvexity of the Set of Hypergraphic Sequences”
 1415  Samvel Darbinyan (Armenia)
“A New Sufficient Condition for a 2-Strong Digraph to Be Hamiltonian”
 1430  Zhora Nikoghosyan (Armenia)
“Large Cycles in Graphs Around Conjectures of Bondy and Jung - Modifications and Sharpness”
 1445  Hamlet Mikaelyan, Petros Petrosyan (Armenia)
“An Upper Bound on the Edge-Chromatic Sum of Fibonacci Cubes”
 1500  Aram Drambyan, Petros Petrosyan (Armenia)
“Strong Edge-Coloring of Hamming Graphs”
 1515  Levon Aslanyan (Armenia), Gyula Katona (Hungary), Hasmik Sahakyan (Armenia)
“Notes on Reconstruction of Shadow Minimization Boolean Functions”