Part of CSIT-2023 Conference program

Session 8 “Distributed Systems & Telecommunication and Network” (IIAP NAS RA, 207)
Thursday, September 28, 2023, (1115 - 1230)
Moderators: Levon Aslanyan, Arthur Petrosyan

 1115  Arusyak Manasyan, Robert Tadevosyan, Hrachya Astsatryan (Armenia)
“Lessons Learned from ASNET-AM Network Simulation”
 1130  Gurgen Petrosyan, Eugene Prokhorenko, Arthur Petrosyan (Armenia)
“Development of the Concept of a System for Collecting and Visualizing Statistical Network Traffic Data in the ASNET-AM Network”
Poster Presentations
 1145 Timur Jamgharyan (Armenia)
“Network Intrusion Detection System Performance Measurement Model”
 1200 Edita Gichunts (Armenia)
“Performance for General, Symmetric and Triangular Matrix Multiplication for Multiple GPUs”
 1215 Arthur Petrosyan, Gurgen Petrosyan, Robert Tadevosyan (Armenia)
“Eduroam in Armenia - Success and Challenges”