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General chair:

Yu. Shoukourian
Vice President of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia

Program Committee:

A. Alexanian (Armenia)
L. Aslanyan (Armenia)
J. Astola (Finland)
R. Atoyan (Armenia)
D. Bj?rner (Denmark)
A. Bogdanov (Russia)
A. Brogi (Italy)
M. Dayde (France)
Ja. Demetrovics (Hungary)
I. Duff (UK)
J. Gruska (Czechia)
I. Guessarian (France)
E. Haroutunian (Armenia)
V. Ivannikov (Russia)
V. Ivanov (Russia)
G. Khachatryan (Armenia)
A. Letichevsky (Ukraine)
H. Marandjian (Armenia)
A. Nanassian (Armenia)
E. Pogossyan (Armenia)
H. Sarukhanyan (Armenia)
V. Shakhghildian (Russia)
S. Shoukourian (Armenia)
A. Slissenko (France)
P. Sloot (The Netherlands)
D. Tavangarian (Germany)
H. Uchida (Japan)
I. Zaslavsky (Armenia)
Yu. Zhuravlev (Russia)
Y. Zorian (USA)
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