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Armenia Overview:

Mountain Ararat Sardarapat Lake Sevan

Armenia is an ancient country that has its own special and unique appearance. You can feel peace of mind that allows you to feel as you
are in another dimension. You can start to appreciate the true meaning of life and start to feel harmonious which come from the nature and
come from the life itself. Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as its official religion in 301 A.D.

In the valley of Biblical Mount Ararat lies the beautiful ancient city of Yerevan, the 12th capital of Armenia. Yerevan was built around the
city-fortress of Erebuni established by the King Argishti the First king of Urartu in 782 BC. The ruins of Erebuni still stand in the south stern
part of the city.
Lake Parz
Yerevan is a modern city that has great tourist attractions, reasonably priced hotels, vibrant downtown life with restaurants, bars, and pubs,
well developed public transportation system (metro, buses) and affordable taxies.
A single ride on a subway or a bus costs AMD 100 (about 20 cents). Taxies charge AMD 100 per kilometer or a flat fee of AMD 600
(about 1.2 Euros) for a ride within the city center.
Kaskad in Yerevan National Gallery Airport Zvartnots

Recently renovated Zvartnots International Airport offers modern facilities and good connections with all major European cities,
with R/T ticket prices varying between 350 Euros and 500 Euros, depending on the airline, destination and season.

Prices for a single room at a three-star hotel located in downtown Yerevan vary from 55 to 65 Euros per day (including breakfast).

Airport Zvartnots Yerevan Hotel Yerevan centre map

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