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CSIT 2023 Registration form:

All participants are kindly requested to fill the Registration Form before August 31, 2023

 Full Name:     *
 Title/Position:     *
 Company/Organization:     *
 Country:     *
 E-mail:     *

 Registration type: *   Full Registration - 350 Euro** (Conference materials,
  banquet, cultural program, coffee breaks, lunch, pick up from/to
  airport, publication of selected and peer reviewed paper in
  International Conference Proceedings (with indexation in Web of

                   Accompaning person(s) - 150 Euro/person
                   (Banquet, cultural program, lunch,
                   pick up from/to airport)
                   Number of accompaning person(s):

  Partial Registration - 100 Euro** (Conference materials,
  banquet, coffee breaks, publication of peer reviewed paper in local
  Conference Proceedings (ISBN and DOI))

  Simple Registration - 50 Euro** (Conference materials,
  coffee breaks)
 Transfer type: *   Bank transfer (Requisites)
  Cash payment (On openning day)

 The following section for Foreign Participants only!

 Official Invitation: *   Necessary
  Not necessary

The Official Invitation will be sent to those participants whose papers are reviewed and accepted
 Click "YES" if you need a Hotel and select the reservation dates. Later the
 organizaing committee will contact you fore more information.
   NO     YES
 Reservation dates:    From:        To:   (DD-MM-YYYY)    
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** - For Local Participants there are different fees, for more information please click here

  Please click only once and then wait while your submitted form is being uploaded on the server.
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