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CSIT-2019 Proceedings


Table of Contents

Algorithms, Automata and Logic

Reggie Davidrajuh, Chunming Rong
Solving Scheduling Problems with Randomized and Parallelized Brute-Force Approach

Armen Kostanyan, Arevik Harmandayan
Segmentation of a String to Match a Fuzzy Pattern

Arsen Mokatsian
On the Upper Cone of Degrees Containing Hypersimple T-Mitotic Sets Which are not wtt-Mitotic

Yuri Movsisyan, Albert Gevorgyan
Invertible Algebras with "$*(")-Identities of Second Order Logic

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Sedrak Grigoryan, Nairi Hakobyan, Tadevos Baghdasaryan
Knowledge-Based Solvers for RGT Combinatorial Problems

Ani Kocharyan, Khachatur Khechoyan
Recognition of Block-Hierarchical Structure of Random Networks Using Machine Learning Techniques

Edward Pogossian
Artificial Intelligence: Alternating the Highest Human Cognizing

Kristina Sargsyan
Knowledge Representation in the Sign-Based World of the Actor

Suren Zolyan
On Linguistic Manifestation of Social Meanings and their Processing

Cloud and Grid Computing

Davit Buniatyan
Hyper: Distributed Cloud Processing for Large-Scale Deep Learning Tasks

Thurein Kyaw Lwin, Alexander Bogdanov
Real Time Analysis of Data Grid Processing for Future Technology


Alexander Bogdanov, Irina Ulitina
The Impact of Big Data on the Choice of Used Storages and Modern Trends in Managing Big Data

Design and Test

Karen Amirkhanyan, Valery Vardanian
Address and Data Scrambling for Memory Systems

Ruben Ghulghazaryan, Suren Alaverdyan, Davit Piliposyan
Accurate Pressure Calculation Method for CMP Modeling Using Fourier Analysis

Suren Martirosyan, Gurgen Harutyunyan
An Efficient Fault Detection and Diagnosis Methodology for Volatile and Non-Volatile Memories

David Sargsyan, Gurgen Harutyunyan
Unified Test Generation and Application Flow for Automotive SoCs


Goharik Petrosyan
Comparative Analysis of Some Modeling Capabilities of Classical Petri Nets and Colored Petri Nets

Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorial Analysis

Levon Aslanyan, Hayk Danoyan
Complexity of the Search Algorithm for Some Types of Hash-Coding Schemas

Levon Aslanyan, Hasmik Sahakyan, Vladimir Romanov, Georges Da Costa, Rahim Kacimi
Energy Efficient WSN Target Coverage Heuristics

Samvel Darbinyan
A New Sufficient Condition for a Digraph to be Hamiltoian-A Proof of Manoussakis Conjecture

Iskandar Karapetyan, Karen Karapetyan
On the Caps in Affine Space AG(n,3)

Tatiana Kosovskaya
Implementation of Formula Partial Sequence for Rough Solution of AI Problems in the Framework of the Logic-Predicate Approach

Ani Margaryan
Unified Software Platform for Discrete Tomography Reconstruction Algorithms

Marine Menteshashvili, Vakhtang Kvaratskhelia
Some Non-linear Version of a Non-local Problem and Its Discrete Analogy

Hasmik Sahakyan, Levon Aslanyan, Vladimir Ryazanov
On the Quantitative Description of Subset Partitions of the Multidimensional Binary Cube


Giorgi Gaganidze, Tea Munjishvili
Development of the Specific Gravitational Model Describing Foreign Trade in Georgia

Information Theory and Coding Theory

Evgueni Haroutunian
On Three Hypotheses Robust Detection Design Under Mismatch

Mariam Haroutunian
Outer Bound for E-capacity - Equivocation Region of the Wiretap Channel

Information Technologies Applications

Margar Adibekyan
Earthquake Process Reverberation through Electromagnetic Field Variations

Oleg Gasparyan, Haykanush Darbinyan
L1 Adaptive Control of Quadcopters

Hamlet Meladze, Guram Tsertsvadze, Tinatin Davitashvili
About the Spectrum of the Eigenvalues of Color Operators in a Theory of Canonically Conjugate Fuzzy Subsets

Archil Prangishvili, Hamlet Meladze, Revaz Kakubava, Tinatin Davitashvili, Nino Svanidze
Semi-Markov Queuing System with Bifurcation of Arrivals for Network Maintenance Problem

Jing Ren, Xishi Huang, Rui Ren, Mark Green
A Deep Learning Method for Multiple Faults Detection and Classification of Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Vladimir Tregubov, Alexandr Shestakov
Computer Simulation of the Left Ventricle Contraction

Michael Zheludev
Anomaly Detection using Markov Chain Model


Anna Grigoryan, Marine Ghazaryan
DSpace Software for the Digital Preservation Library Repositories at the NUACA

Hasmik Hakobyan, Mher Markosyan, Armine Ghulyan
Integration of Normative Databases in BIM Projects

Parallel and Distributed Computing

Alexander Bogdanov, Dmitry Khmel, Vladimir Rukovchuk, Stanislav Bogdanov
Option Pricing Simulation on GPGPU

Ilya Busko, Alexander Degtyarev
The Innovation in the Model of Interaction of the Sea and the Ship and Parallel and Distributed Computing

Gennadi Malaschonok
Recursive Matrix Algorithms, Distributed Dynamic Control, Scaling, Stability

Tigran Shahinyan, Levon Berberyan
Using Apache Spark for Biological Data Processing

Artur Vardanyan, Vladimir Sahakyan
The State Probabilities of the System M|M|m|n with the Waiting Time Restriction


Natela Archvadze, Nato Jorjiashvili, Merab Phkhovelishvili
Using Different Types of Data Operations for Solving Complex Mathematical Tasks

Edita Gichunts
Strided Batched Matrices Multiplication Performance in the Architecture of GPU Accelerator

Nikita Storublevtcev, Victor Smirnov, Alexander Bogdanov
Heterogeneous Hashing Optimization with OpenCL and CUDA

Pattern Recognition and Image Processing

David Asatryan
A Novel Technique for No-Reference Image Quality Assessment

Mehdi Sadeghzadeh, Mona Nasrollahi Nia
Optimization of Images Clustering Using Learning Automata

Denis Timoshenko, Konstantin Simonchik, Vitaly Shutov, Polina Zhelezneva, Valery Grishkin
Large Crowdcollected Facial Anti-Spoofing Dataset

Telecommunication and Networking


Davit Aghabekyan
GSM-Based Control System for Photovoltaic Stations

Hovhannes Gomtsyan, Robert Apikyan
Code Sequence Generation with Genetic Algorithms, with Correlation Properties Similar to GPS C/A codes

Mher Markosyan, Bakhodir Yakubov, Vladimir Artyukhin, Rafail Safin, Yelena Satimova
Study of Microwave Generator of Chaotic Oscillations Based on Elements with Lumped Parameters

Andranik Mkhitaryan, Aram Nanasyan, Arthur Petrosyan, Vladimir Sahakyan
Multifunctional Infocommunication Complex ASNET-AM-UNIMail

Arthur Petrosyan, Gurgen Petrosyan, Robert Tadevosyan
User Blacklisting Solution for IMAP Eduroam Authentication

Arthur Petrosyan, Gurgen Petrosyan, Robert Tadevosyan
SSL Certificate Deployment Automation Concept for ASNET-AM Network Services

Eugene Prokhorenko, Mary Khachatryan
Extending VLANS through Several Broadcast Domains Inside Enterprise LAN

Workshop: Digitalization of Education and Management

Tigran Andreasyan
Validation of the Parameters Used in the TFinger System to Generate Cryptographic Keys and Passwords with Fingerprint and Safety Assessment of this System

Olga Begicheva, Yana Chernikova, Sargis Smbatyan
The Impact of Social Networks on Education and Social and Psychological Problems of Modern Youth

Irina Durakova, Larisa Korobeinikova, Maksim Studenikin
IT-Training Demotivation Risks among Older Employees

Dmitriy Endovitsky, Irina Durakova
Using Communication Services to Remotivate Employees Belonging to the Internet Generation

Sergey Garnik, Olga Belova
The Prospects of Improvement of Training for Law Enforcement Bodies in the Conditions of Innovative Development of Society

Svetlana Grishaeva, Anna Komarova
Online Education: Assessment of Implementation Prospects

Svetlana Grishaeva, Tatiana Beregovskaya
Internet Communications in Education

Maria Guseva, Alexandr Birukov, Irina Brikoshina
The Use of Logistic Principles in the Systems of Distribution of the Goods in Online Store

Arusyak Harutyunyan, Narine Manukyan
First Initiative of Higher Education Digitisation in Armenia: Issues and Challenges

Olga Isaeva
Digitalization in Personnel Management: the Possibilities of Fuzzy Logic

Olga Kolosova, Olga Kulikova
Opportunities of Mass Media in the Sphere of Formation of Political Activity of the Moscow Youth

Valeriya Konovalova
Important Digital and Non-digital Competencies in the Near Future: How Employers' Expectations Change in the Digital Economy

Marina Lovcheva, Ekaterina Gurova, Natalya Laas, Irina Romanova
Recruiting IT-specialists: Modern Digital Resources for Selection and Mechanisms of Professional Competences Assessment

Ekaterina Mayer
Digital Tools in Personnel Marketing

Natalya Mitina
The Use of Digital Technologies in the Organization's Talent Management Framework

Elena Mitrofanova, Alexandra Mitrofanova, Rafik Ashurbekov
The Development of Corporate Information System of Personnel Training in an Organization

Kristina Sargsyan
Knowledge Management in Adaptive Learning Systems

Sergey Taltynov
Older Workers Training in Digital Technologies

Konstantin Trubitsyn, Olga Yusupova, Yuliya Gorbunova
Development of a Digital Model for the Educational Process: a Review of Problems and Solutions

Shavarsh Zohrabyan
Corporate Culture of Information Technology (IT) Companies and Its Impact on Organizational Agility and Management

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