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CSIT-2015 Proceedings


Table of Contents


Michel Daydé, Benjamin Depardon, Alain Franc, Jean-Franc¸ois Gibrat, Romaric Guilllier, Yasaman Karami, Christian Pérez, Frédéric Suter, Bruck Taddese, Marie Chabbert, Sylvie Thérond
E-Biothon: an Experimental Platform for BioInformatics

Mikhail Mandrykin, Alexey Khoroshilov
Towards Deductive Verification of Concurrent Linux Kernel Code with Jessie

Algorithms, Automata and Logic

Stanisław Ambroszkiewicz
Primitive Recursion on Higher Types

Anahit Chubaryan, Armine Chubaryan, Arman Tshitoyan
On Lower Bounds for Steps and Sizes of Proofs in Frege Systems

Sergey Davidov, Jahangir Hatami
Equational Theory of Algebras with Fuzzy Operations

A.A. Letichevsky, O.O. Letychevskyi
Predicate Transformers for Local Description Units

Arsen H. Mokatsian
On the tt-Complete Set which is tt-Mitotic but not btt-Mitotic

Yuri Movsisyan, Diana S. Davidova
A Characterization of Hyperidentities of the Variety of Weakly Idempotent Lattices

Hayk Poghosyan, Vahagn Poghosyan
Frontal Cellular Automata for the Study of Non-Equilibrium Lattice Models

Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorial Analysis

Hayk Aslanyan
On Incidence Colorings of Cartesian Products of Graphs

Levon Aslanyan, Hasmik Sahakyan, Hans-Dietrich Gronau, Peter Wagner
Constraints and Characterization of Subsets of n-Dimensional Unit Cube

Armen S. Asratian, Carl J. Casselgren, Petros A. Petrosyan
On Interval Cyclic Colorings of Bipartite Graphs

Samvel Kh. Darbinyan
On Hamiltonian Bypasses in Digraphs with the Condition of Y. Manoussakis

Samvel Kh. Darbinyan, Iskandar A. Karapetyan
On pre-Hamiltonian Cycles in Hamiltonian Digraphs

Giorgi Giorgobiani, Vakhtang Kvaratskhelia, Marina Menteshashvili
Some Properties of Hadamard Matrices

Vilyam Hovnanyan, Vahagn Poghosyan, Suren Poghosyan
Open Problems in Gossip/Broadcast Schemes and the Possible Application of the Method of Local Interchange

Vilik Karakhanyan
Description of Stable Subsets of the n-Dimensional Multivalued Discrete Torus

Karen Karapetyan
Large Caps in Affine Space AG(n,3)

Hrant Khachatrian, Tigran Mamikonyan
On Interval Edge-Colorings of Bipartite Graphs of Small Order

Nerses A. Khachatryan
Interval Total Colorings of Block Graphs

Wunna Kyaw
Virtual Sea Polygon and Programming aspects in dynamic of ships

Zhora Nikoghosyan
On Spanning Tree Problems Arising in Optical and Terminal Networks

Petros A. Petrosyan
Interval Edge-Colorings with Gaps of Bipartite Graphs

Eduard Yeghiazaryan
On the Length of the Minimal Testor for Some Class of Binary Tables

Information Theory and Coding Theory

Nasrin Afshar, Evgueni Haroutunian, Mariam Haroutunian
An Inner Bound for Secrecy E-capacity Region of the Multiple Access Channel with Confidential Messages

Vladimir B. Balakirsky, Anahit R. Ghazaryan
On the Private Information Retrieval of the Fragment of the Single-Database

Evgueni A. Haroutunian, Parandzem M. Hakobyan
Most Powerful Test for Multiple Hypotheses

Evgueni A. Haroutunian, Irina A. Safaryan, Narine S. Harutyunyan
Using Rank Tests and Threshold Copulas for Classification of Multidimensional Data Sets

Aram Jivanyan, Gurgen Khachatryan, Tigran Sokhakyan, Davit Danoyan
Acceleration of Secure Function Evaluation Protocol

Melsik K. Kyureghyan, Sergey Abrahamyan, Knarik M. Kyuregyan
Construction of Irreducible Polynomials with Known Orders


Suren Poghosyan, Yeghisabet Alaverdyan
Construction of Edge Fault-Tolerant Codes for Minimal Gossip Schemes

Pattern Recognition and Image Processing

David Asatryan, Samvel Hovsepyan
Vision Based Technique for Smoke and Fire Detection in Monitored Forest Terrain

Rafayel Barseghyan
Complexity of the Composite Length FFT Algorithms

Valery Grishkin
Document Image Segmentation Based on Wavelet Features

Aram Jivanyan, Roland Yeghiazaryan
Development of Zero-Knowledge Cloud Encryption Gateway

Sahak Kaghyan, Hakob Sarukhanyan
Multithreaded Signal Preprocessing Approach for Inertial Sensors of Smartphone

Gurgen Khachatryan, Mihran Hovsepyan, Aram Jivanyan
Efficient Secure Pattern Search Algorithm

Hakob Sarukhanyan
Antipodal Sequences and Matrices

Sophia Sosinskaya, Daniel Nelle, Anastasia Тarasova
The Reduction of Attribute Space Dimensionality in the Fuzzy Classification

Lukáš Šroba, Rudolf Ravas, Ján Grman
Using Image Stereo Pair to Determine the Displacement between Two Corresponding Cameras


Hassan Ghaedi, Moslem Safdari, Alireza Chamkoori
A New Approach Based on Graph Structure for Face Recognition

Parallel and Distributed Computing

Manuk Akopyan
Performance Penalty Detection in MPI Applications

Hamlet Aslanyan, Sargis Simonyan
Parallel Computation of Matrix Discrete Multiplications in the Field of Differential Transformations Based on Work-Stealing Task Scheduler

Arutyun Avetisyan, Shamil Kurmangaleev, Sevak Sargsyan, Mariam Arutunian, Andrey Belevantsev
LLVM-Based Code Clone Detection Framework

Sevak Sargsyan, Shamil Kurmangaleev, Vahagn Vardanyan, Vachagan Zakaryan
Code Clones Detection Based on Semantic Analysis for JavaScript Language

Vahagn Vardanyan, Seryozha Asryan, Ruben Buchatskiy
Integrated Register Rematerialization in JavaScript V8 JIT Compiler

Igor Velbitskiy
Programming into Graphs of a New Generation and the Single Graphical Shell for all Languages

Roman Zhuykov, Vahagn Vardanyan, Dmitry Melnik, Ruben Buchatskiy, Eugeniy Sharygin
Augmenting JavaScript JIT with Ahead-of-Time Compilation


Narek Abroyan, Robert Hakobyan
Parallelization of Sorting Algorithms

Edita Gichunts
Performance of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors Solutions of Complex Hermitian Matrices on GPU Accelerator

Tigran Shahinyan
Parallel Processing of RDF Data in a Distributed Environment

Cloud and Grid Computing

H. Astsatryan, H. Abajyan, W. Narsisian, Georges da Costa, Tom Gurout
Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling for 3D Classical Spin Glass Application

Vladimir Hovsepyan
Full Life Cycle Protection and Secure Distribution of Files in Clouds

Vladimir Korkhov, Ivan Gankevich, Alexander Degtyarev, Alexander Bogdanov, Vladimir Gaiduchok, Nabil Ahmed, Amissi Cubahiro
Experience in Building Virtual Private Supercomputer

Michael Zheludev, Evgeny Nagradov
Traffic Anomaly Detection and DDOS Attack Recognition Using Diffusion Map Technologies

Design and Testing

Davit Babayan
Power Optimization Approach of ORCA Processor for 32/28nm Technology Node

Tigranuhi Grigoryan, Heghineh Malkhasyan, Gevorg Mushyan, Valerik Vardanian
Fault Collapsing For Digital Circuits Based On Relations between Stuck-At Faults

Harutyun Krrikyan, Taron Hovhannisyan, Sergey Manukyan
Prototyping System for USB3.0 Link Layer Using Synthesizable Assertions and Partial Reconfiguration

Telecommunication and Networking

Taksu Cheon, Sergey Poghosyan
Time-Periodic Quantum Point Interactions

Arthur Petrosyan, Eugene Prokhorenko, Mary Khachatryan
Securing E-mail Service in ASNET-AM Network

Ashot Shahverdian
A Theorem on Higher-Order Differences of Two-State Markov Chains


Arthur Petrosyan, Eugene Prokhorenko
Enhanced Accessibility for DNS Service in ASNET-AM Network

Goharik Petrosyan
Modeling of the Process of Consumers with Several Extensions of Petri Nets

Rahim Rashidi, Keyhan Khamforoosh, Faroogh Ashkavti, Behnam Salehyazad
Introduction of an Integrated Environment for Modeling and Evaluation of Performance of Computer Networks

Information Technologies and Applications

Giorgi Baghaturia, Marina Menteshashvili
Numerical Algorithms for a Solution of Quasi-Linear Second Order Partial Differential Equation of Mixed Type

Anton Devčić, Marko Šostar, Berislav Andrlić
Limitations of Agronet System in e-projects: Case Study of Croatia

David Gordeziani, Tinatin Davitashvili, Hamlet Meladze
Numerical Solution of Nonlocal Contact Problems for Elliptic Equations

Hrant Hovhannisyan, Abo Yesayan, Levon Yepiskoposyan
Designing and Implementing a Novel Database for Human Mitogenomes

Artak Khemchyan
Secret Sharing Based on BCH Error Correction Code

Iurii Kryvonos, Iurii Krak, Waldemar Wojcik
Information Technologies Applications for Sign Languages Investigations

Areg Mickaelian
Big Data in Modern Astronomy and Computational Astrophysics


Aqsa Bajwa, Usman Humayun Mirza, Usman Qamar
Framework for Incorporating Social Networks with Recommender Systems: An Implementation of Profiling Users

Mikayel Gyurjyan, Zaven Naghashyan, Emma Gevorgyan
Research and Application of Project Management methodologies and tools in Academic environment

Usman Humayun Mirza, Aqsa Bajwa, Usman Qamar
Framework for Incorporating Social Networks with Recommender Systems: an Implementation of Profiling Products

Narek Pahlevanyan, Mariam Haroutunian
Technical Solutions of Developing Advanced Inftheo New Module for R

Arthur Petrosyan, Gurgen Petrosyan, Tigran Hakobyan
ASNET-AM Scientific Publications Internal Access System Implementation

Artur Tadevosyan
Real time SAR Simulator Design

Cognitive Algorithms and Models

Sedrak Grigoryan
On Validity of Personalized Planning and Integrated Testing Algorithms in Reproducible Games

Minas Hovhannisyan, Svetlana Avetisyan
Clustering of Random Networks under Topological Constraints

Suren Khachatryan, Armen Zakaryan
Extracting Meanings from Simple Algorithmic Problems

Alireza Moradkhani
Optimal Strategy Development Framework for SCM Trading Agent

Edward Pogossian
On Assessment of Performance of Systems by Combining On-the-Job and Expert Attributes Scales

Suren Zolyan
On the (Multi-)Semantic Theory of Text: Prolegomena to Formalization


Aram A. Avetisyan, Levon R. Hakobyan
Some Approaches to the Automation of the Correction Algorithm of the NL–UNL Transformation Errors

Vachagan Vahradyan, Tigran Apozyan
On Meanings of Words, Sentences and Texts Interpreted for Chess and Literary Eastern Armenian

Workshop “International Virtual Laboratory on CS”

A. Hankel, H. Astsatryan, W. Narsisian
The GÈANT Green Team: an Example of How Organizations Can Use a Community Approach to Promote the Use of ICT in Sustainability Efforts

Artur Gevorgyan, Hamlet Melkonyan, Rita Abrahamyan, Zarmandukht Petrosyan, Anna Shachnazaryan, Hrachya Astsatryan, Vladimir Sahakyan, Yuri Shoukourian
A Persistent Surface Inversion Event in Armenia as Simulated by WRF Model

Workshop “Information Technologies in Education”

Svetlana Akhmetova, Irena Esaulova
The «Flipped Learning» Technology as an Element of the New Educational Model of the University

Ara Arakelyan, Ani Balasanyan
Building and Execution of Queries for Educational Process Management System

Ara Arakelyan, Artak Khachatryan
Educational Process Management System

Valentin Afanasiev, Vladimir Linnik, Alexandra Mitrofanova
Experience in Development of Balanced Scorecards System for Higher Educational Institutions

Mariam Haroutunian, Varazdat Avetisyan
Development of the Test Quality Evaluation System

Ella Hovhannisyan
Adaptive Testing in the System of Learning Outcome Assessment

Jean-Pierre Jessel
Virtual Laboratories Implemented in Serious Games for Virtual Heritage at University and for Teaching Sciences

Elena Mitrofanova, Ekaterina Kashtanova, Konstantin Trubitsyn
Development and Implementation of Multimedia Educational Technologies in the Educational Process of Higher Educational Establishments

Tea Munjishvili, Zurab Munjishvili, Omar Nakashidze
Knowledge Assimilating, Assessment, Revealing, and Analysis by Computer System (“Cyber 2”)

Marine Usepyan
Development of Hierarchical Educational Qualifications Frameworks Based on Feedback from Stakeholders

Elena Vasileva, Elena Mitrofanova
Dynamic Prediction Model Reproduction of Human Resources of the Information Technology Industry

Natalia Zhurbina, Elena Yakushkina
Online Survey Based Analysis of the Level of Information development in Social Sciences` Education

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