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CSIT-2017 Proceedings

Table of Contents

Algorithms, Automata and Logic


Vilyam Hovnanyan, Vahagn Poghosyan, Suren Poghosyan


Gossiping Properties of the Edge-Permuted Knödel Graphs


Elizaveta Kalinina, Gennady Khitrov


A Linear Algebra Approach to Some Problems of Graph Theory


Mikayel Khachatryan


Generalized Primitive Recursive Arithmetical and String Functions


Armen Kostanyan


Fuzzy String Matching with Finite Automata


Alexander Letichevsky


Semigroup Models of Cyber-physical Systems


Seda Manukian


On the Structre of Positive and Strongly Positive Arithmetical Sets


Arsen H. Mokatsian


On the Existence of the tt-Mitotic Hypersimple Set Which is not btt-Mitotic


Yuri Movsisyan


On Belousov Quasigroups


Hayk Nahapetyan, Jean-Pierre Jessel, Suren S. Poghosyan, Yuri H. Shoukourian


A Multi-User and Multi-Purpose CA Simulator


Goharik Petrosyan


The Algorithm Description of the Shortest Possible Sequence of Transitions in Petri Nets


Ashot Yu. Shahverdian


Full Randomness in the Higher Difference Structure of Two-State Markov Chains


Jiangong Song, Qinyong Li, Shilong Ma, Jianghua Lv


An Earthquake Response Timing Constraint Workflow Model


Igor Zaslavsky


Functional System of the Fuzzy Constructive Logic




Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Models


Ruben Aghuzumtsyan


The Psychological Model of Training of State Managers


Julien Aligon, William Raynaut, Philippe Roussille, Chantal Soulé-Dupuy, Nathalie Vallès-Parlangeau


Towards a Meta-Analysis-Based User Assistant for Analysis Processes


Abdolreza Dabiri


A Multi-Layer Perceptron Used for Crude Oil Oxidation Prediction


Tigran Ghevondyan


Developing Cognitive Models by Stereological Measurements of Cerebral Cortex


Sedrak Grigoryan


Dynamic Knowledge Integration into HBD Knowledge Presentation Model


Sogol Haghani, Mohammad Reza Keyvanpour


Temporal Link Prediction: Techniques and Challenges


Vladimir Karapetyan, Samvel Misakyan


Formation of the Basis of Analytical Thinking of Children Through Chess Problems


Suren Khachatryan, Nareh Salmasian


Preliminary Particles Model of Unconstrained Examination Timetabling and Its Optimization Using Neural Networks


Rustam Khamitov, Aleksandr Gritsay, Vladislava Samus, Dmitry Tyunkov, Denis Dugin, Gleb Sinitsin


About a method of creation of the training selection in tasks of short-term prediction of a power consumption taking into account criteria of informativeness and compactness


Bibigul Koshekova, Oleg Belosludtsev, Yuriy Klikushin


Improving the Efficiency of Searching for a Short-Term Operational Earthquake Precursor Based on Vector Identification Measurements


Edward Pogossian


Towards Adequate Constructive Models of Mental Systems


Edward Pogossian, Sedrak Grigoryan, Nairi Hakopyan


On Systemic Classifications and Machine Learning


Mikhail Poghosyan, Lusine Khachatryan, Zubeida Avetisyan, John Sarkissian


Correlation of Cognitive Functions with Loss of Memory and Motor Skill Learning Under Participation of Depressor Protective Mechanisms


Victor Potapov, Igor Chervenchuk, Vladislava Samus, Aleksandr Gritsay


Models of storage and preliminary processing of retrospective data for the energy company


Levon Yepiskoposyan


Demographic Cognitive Patterns Revealed from Human Genome


Suren Zolyan


On the Interaction of Meanings in Natural Languages: Compositional Rules, Context Dependence and Coercion




Marián Ambrozy


Trying to find a new criterion thinking machine


Samaneh Zolfaghari, Mohammad Reza Keyvanpour


Human Activity Recognition in Smart Homes: Research Challenges Classification




Design and Test


Davit Aleksanyan, Davit Husikyan


The Estimation of the Surface of a Printed Board


Karen Amirkhanyan, Samvel Shoukourian, Valery Vardanian


Design of Reparable Memory Systems with Shared Row Redundancies


Alexander Gerasimov, Leonid Kruglov


Reachability Confirmation of Statically Detected Defects Using Dynamic Analysis


Davit Hayrapetyan, Aleksandr Manukyan


Modeling Dynamic Single-Cell and Coupling Faults Via Automata Models


Armen Kostanyan, Sona Kurazyan


Migration of a Net in a Slicing Floorplan


Suren Martirosyan


Application of Memory Scrambling Aware Multi-Level Diagnosis Flow


David Sargsyan


ISO 26262 Compliant Memory BIST Architecture


Sergey Vartanov


Dynamic Symbolic Execution of Java Programs Using JNI


Irina Vinogradova, Anna Andrianova, Ivan Meshkov, Albert Sultanov, Guzel Abdrakhmanova, Elizaveta Grakhova, Arsen Ishmiyarov, Liliya Yantilina, Gulnaz Kutlieva


Analysis of Optical Device Models Designed for Antenna Array Management Operability


Sergey Zelenov, Denis Buzdalov


Visualization of Behavioral Aspects of AADL-Models




Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorial Analysis


Levon Aslanyan, Vahagn Minasyan


LCS Algorithm for Big Data Flows


Hayk Danoyan


On Computational Complexity of Multiclass Classification Approach ECOC


Samvel Darbinyan, Iskandar Karapetyan


A Sufficient Condition for pre-Hamiltonian Cycles in Bipartite Digraphs


Aram Gharibyan, Petros Petrosyan


On Locally-Balanced 2-Partitions of Some Graphs


George Giorgobiani, Vakhtang Kvaratskhelia, Marine Menteshashvili


Maximum Inequalities and their Applications to Hadamard Matrices


Narek Hovsepyan, Petros Petrosyan


On the Achromatic Index of Complete Graphs


Rafayel Kamalian


On the Existence of Bipartite Graphs Which are not Cyclically-Interval Colorable


Karen Karapetyan


On the Complete Caps in Galois Affine Space AG(n,3)


Tatiana Kosovskaya


Extraction of a Common up to the Names of Arguments Sub-Formula of Two Elementary Conjunctions and Some AI Problems


Mossine Koulakzian, Zhora Nikoghosyan


Two Generalized Lower Bounds for the Circumference


Ashot Minasyan


Number of Orbits of Group Acting on the Sets of Solutions of Polynomial Equations<


Garik Petrosyan


The Weighted Partial Vertex Cover Problem in Bipartite Graphs


Petros Petrosyan


On the Palette Index of Bipartite Graphs


Hasmik Sahakyan, Levon Aslanyan


Discrete Tomography with Distinct Rows: Relaxation




Angela Markosyan


On the Size of Maximum k-Edge-Colorable Subgraphs in Regular Graphs




Information and Coding Theory


Gurgen Khachatryan, Hamlet Khachatryan


Construction Method of (2N, 2N - 6) Linear Codes over Ring Zm, Based on (N, N - 4) Linear Codes Correcting


Double ±1 Types of Errors


Ashot Gevorkyan


On Construction of Probability Currents Between Asymptotic Subspaces of Multichannel Scattering


Shilpa Goyal, Maninder Singh Nehra


Image Steganography Technique to Increase Security of Images: A Review


Qi Ke, Liu Dongming, Zhang Daxing


Image steganalysis via Multi-Column Convolutional Neural Network


Aleksei Marov, Alexei Uteshev


Reed-Solomon Coding: Variated Redundancy and Matrix Formalism


Josiane Mothe, Karen Mkhitaryan, Mariam Haroutunian


Community Detection: Comparison of State of the Art Algorithms




Kirill Chernyshov


A Novel Information-Theoretic Approach to System Identification


Emran Heshmati, Amirhosein Fathinavid, Khosrow Khalifeh


PARS2: An R package for Protein Assignment Regarding Secondary Structure




Information Technologies and Applications


Narek Abroyan, Robert Hakobyan


Convolutional Neural Networks for Real-Time Data Classification


Fatima Adilova, Rifqat Davronov, Uygun Jamilov


Case Study: Estimating the Predictive Power of the QSAR Model


Anton Devčić, Josip Rajnović


Agronet system - concrete relief or additional challenge for users?


Artur Gevorgyan, Yuriy Kuleshov


Assessment of Wind Forecasts in Yerevan by Weather Research and Forecasting Model


Hamlet Melkonyan, Artur Gevorgyan, Sona, Vladimir Sahakyan, Zarmandukht Petrosyan, Hasmik Panyan, Rita Abrahamyan, Hrachya Astsatryan, Yuri Shoukorian


An analysis of Wintertime Cold-Air Pool in Armenia Using Climatological Observations and WRF Model Data


Tiavina Tantely Nivolala, Tahiry Andriamarozakaniaina, Jean-Pierre Jessel


Automatic Generation of Urban Virtual Environments


Pavel Senchenko, Anatoly Sidorov, Yury Gritsenko


Models of Monitoring as an Information Analysis Tool for Management of Social, Economic, Engineering and Natural Systems


Svetlana Solodusha, Irina Orlova


Volterra Polynomials in the Intelligent Control System of Wind Power Plant Operation


Vladimir Tregubov, Svetlana Ratkina


Computer Simulation of Blood Flow in Arteries with Deformable Walls




Fatima Adilova, Alisher Ikramov


On a New Method of Reducing the Set of Compounds to Improve QSAR Models Using Molecular Signatures .

Narine Manukyan


Modern Approaches and Methods to Evaluate Effectiveness of Information Systems


Abo Yesayan, Robert Hakobyan


Design and Implementation of Query Builder and Asynchronous Submission System for NCBI Entrez Databases




Parallel and Distributed Computing


Hayk Aslanyan, Sergey Asryan, Jivan Hakobyan, Vahagn Vardanyan, Sevak Sargsyan, Shamil Kurmangaleev


Multiplatform Static Analysis Framework for Program Defects Detection


Boris Atayan


Backup Optimization Method for Cloud Backup System


Alexander Bogdanov, Alexander Degtyarev, Vasily Khramushin


Direct Computational Experiments in Fluid Mechanics Using Three-Dimensional Tensor Mathematics


Tinatin Davitashvili, Hamlet Meladze, Nugzar Skhirtladze


About One Parallel Algorithm of Solving Non-Local Contact Problem for Parabolic Equations


Edita Gichunts


Batched BLAS Problems of Complex Hermitian Small Matrices in the Architecture of GPU Accelerator


Juri Koval


Virtual Process Controlling




Mikayel Gyurjyan, Zaven Naghashyan


Developing Node.Js - MPI Bridge for Cluster Computational Environment


Tigran Shahinyan


Efficient Processing of RDF Data Using Hadoop




Pattern Recognition and Image Processing


Souren Alaverdyan


Digital Solutions of Fredholm First Type Convolution Integral Equations


David Asatryan, Grigor Sazhumyan, Lusine Aznauryan


Novel Approach to Background-Text-Non-Text Separation in Ancient Degraded Document Images


Valery Grishkin, Oleg Iakushkin, Nikolai Stepenko


Biofouling Detection Based on Image Processing Technique


Vladimir Khryashchev, Anatoly Sedov, Andrey Priorov


Development of Face Image Quality Assessment Algorithms for Biometric Identification Tasks


Smirnov Konstantin, Valery Grishkin


Application of Fourier Transform in Optical Flow Method


Armen Petrosyan, Anna Hovhannisyan


Infrared Image Processing for Solar Cell Defect Detection


Aghasi Poghosyan, Hakob Sarukhanyan


Long Short-Term Memory with Read-only Unit in Neural Image Caption Generator


R.A. Simonyan, D. A. Simonyan


Detection and Ignorance Method of False Targets during Object Detection




Telecommunication and Networking


Armen Ayvazyan


Performance Analyses of Circuit-Switched Fallback


Alexey Khoroshilov


On Formalization of Operating Systems Behaviour Verification


Mher Markosyan, Rafail Safin, Vladimir Artyukhin, Elena Satimova


Determination of the Eb / N0 Ratio and Calculation of the Probability of an Error in the Digital Communication Channel of the IP-Video Surveillance System


Eduard Matveev, Andranik Mkhitaryan, Aram Nanasyan, Vladimir Sahakyan, Arthur Petrosyan


Hybrid Infocommunication EmailSMS UNIMail System


Arthur Petrosyan, Gurgen Petrosyan


Several Methods of Security Hardening for Websites and Webservers


Michael Zheludev, Evgeny Nagradov


Anomaly Detection Using Markov Chain Model




Armen Ayvazyan, Lilia Husikyan


LTE Carrier Aggregation and Applicability Inter-eNodeB Carrier Aggregation


Eugene Prokhorenko, Mary Khachatryan


ASNET-AM Experience in Implementation of Hybrid VLANs for Customers Links


Eugene Prokhorenko, Mary Khachatryan


ASNET-AM Experience in Implementation of Multihome BGP Configuration with Several Border Routers




Workshop on Information Technology Management


Gohar Avetisyan, Ruzanna Sargsyan, Hasmik Hakobyan, Mher Markosyan


Efficient Implementation of Moodle Platform in HEI


Dina Baizhanova, Bulat Khisarov


The Impact of Business Environment Virtualization on Strategic Planning Activities of Companies


Elena Brodovskaya, Anna Dombrovskaya, Dmitry Karzubov


Mass Protests Online Mobilization in Ukraine, Moldova and Armenia (2013-2015): Results of Comparative Analysis


Dmitry Endovitsky, Irina Durakova, Larissa Korobeinikova, Nouneh Manucharian


IT- divisions Staff: Problems of Search and Attraction


Miroslav Gecovič, Galina Gagarinskaia, Irina Kuznetcova


Human Resources Management by Using Some IT Governance Tools


Marine Ghazaryan


Building Information Modeling for Existing Residential Buildings in Armenia


Anna Grigoryan, Mher Markosyan, Marine Ghazaryan


Experience on Usage of Alfresco Software Package as an Archiving System at the NUACA


Maria Guseva, Elena Iaroshenko


The Use of Modern Software Tools for Monitoring the Competitiveness of Construction Company


Edgar Harutyunyan, Gayane Demirchyan, Monika Hambardzumyan


One Method of Using the Technological Devices in Training Process


Hamlet Harutyunyan, Hmayak Avanesyan


Causes and Conditions of Occurrence of Congestion Situations in Telecommunication Networks


Marina Khachaturyan, Hasmik Khalapyan


First Steps in Building Emergent View on Teaching and Learning Armenian as a Second Language via Technology


Valeriya Konovalova


Digital Transformation of Corporate Learning: New Technologies, Rules and Culture


Marina Lovcheva, Ekaterina Gurova


Automation of Accounting and Control of the Use of Working Time in an Engineering Company


Alexandra Mitrofanova, Konstantin Trubitsyn, Viktor Khriashchev


Professional and Motivational Features of Staff in the Information Technology Industry


Elena Mitrofanova, Ekaterina Kashtanova, Alexander Mezhevov


Formation of Information System for Personnel Training


Elena Mitrofanova, Gulnar Zhaxybayeva


Work Incentives of Specialist Engaged in Information Technology Project Activities


Vladimir Stroev, Rafik Ashurbekov


Analysis of Incentive Programs in Information Technologies Companies


Gohar Tomeyan, Maria João Varanda Pereira, Gevorg Margarov


Plagiarism Detection System for Armenian Language


Olga Yarmak


Online Surveys in Sociology: Opportunities, Drawbacks and Limitations


Viktorovich Yavorskiy, Gulnar Zhaxybayeva, Anastassiya Chvanova, Natalya Baidikova


Information and Communications Technologies Provision of Distance Learning in a Technical University

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